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Say Cheese! – Reception Photo Booths

Photo courtesy of Profinish Design.

Here’s a wedding trend that’s guaranteed to generate smiles from ear to ear.

Setting up a photo booth at a reception is not only a unique way to keep your friends and family entertained in between drinks, dinner and dancing, but one that’s sure to create lasting memories as well.

“They are fun, nostalgic, and a great way to help guests ‘kill time’ while the couple is taking photos after the wedding with the photographer,” says John Vu of Profinish Design in Sacramento. “They help with creating a fun atmosphere and help guest warm up to the occasion.”

Many brides and grooms are choosing photo booths over traditional party favors, making customized printouts so their guests can take home a visual keepsake from the event.

“Something magical happens when people get in the booth and close the curtain,” says Chris Terry of Encore Entertainment in Sacramento. “At every event I see the same thing, early on many guests are serious, they haven’t started loosening up, and then they get into the booth to take some pictures. They always come out of the booth laughing. When you throw in props like funky hats, boas, fedoras, and a cane, things really come alive.”

Photo courtesy of Encore Photo Booths.

The Encore Web site allows guests to order reprints and enlargements of photos from the event, including print customization and incorporating wedding theme and colors. “We try to make the print a piece of art that’s appealing to the eye so you just don’t have photos but a cool look that takes the guests back to the special day,” Chris says. “The bride a groom also get a USB Thumb Drive at the end of the event containing all of the photos and prints taken.”

John at Profinish notes that there are more options than just the commercial booths you see at arcades or malls. “There are many different kinds, from a photo kiosk (a stand with a camera and backdrop), to a curtain booth (table clothes and laptop), to full-fledged photo booths (like the ones I have manufactured) that are light weight and take better quality photos,” he says. “I like to educate people about this as much as I can, considering that the term ‘photo booth’ could be a broad commodity. It’s almost kind of like finding the right photographer these days, with quality of photo prints, booth, service, etc.”

Some booths also offer the added benefit of viewing the photos in a real-time slideshow. “We just finished installing 32” LCD monitors on all of our booths,” says Chris at Encore. “After about a half hour of taking pictures the slideshow will begin and a crowd usually gathers as the guests enjoy hilarious pictures their friends have taken through the event.”

Needless to say, if you’re in search of cool favors and some more fun for your guests at your wedding reception, have one of these qualified local photo booth providers hook you up and get ready for the memories to start flashing by.

Profinish Design
John Vu

Encore Entertainment
Chris Terry

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