Sunday, December 20, 2009

Keep On File

Busy brides must manage a long list of last minute details as they countdown the days to their wedding. Flowers…check. Pick-up dress….check. Favors...check. Manicure…check. My poor sister-in-law, she had so many things creep up on her at the end that she almost missed her rehearsal dinner completely. Unacceptable!

It’s safe to say that brides have a lot on their plate, and things may not always go as smoothly as they would like. That said, I’m going to suggest adding one more tiny thing to that to-do list, something I like to call the 911 Beauty Kit.

Sure, you’ll have your hair done the morning of, your make-up beautifully applied, your dress steamed to perfection. But, even the most prepared brides confront unexpected hurdles to making it down the aisle in flawless condition. So, over the next few weeks, I’m going to introduce a few products that should be packed and ready should you encounter a beauty mishap.

Your manicure is sensational, why take the chance of an unsightly chip? Be sure to pack the exact shade of nail polish in your kit along with a small file, like the new Matchbox File from Tweezerman. Twelve of these little guys come adorably packaged in a small matchbox-style case. They’re cute, compact and convenient…perfect on the go. Pack them for your honeymoon and open in case of an emergency.

Find them at Target,

Blog Post by Always A Bridesmaid Columnist Darren Elms.

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Invitations Ink said...

These are too cute, gonna have to pick some up from Target!!!