Monday, December 28, 2009

For the Love of Etsy

You might be like, “Etsy, what the heck is that?”

Etsy is actually an online source for handmade gifts, posted by a variety of artistic vendors from across the country. Think of it as a really cool crafts fair on the Web. I’ve been going here for unique gifts for several years, but it wasn’t until recently when I made a handmade bow tie purchase that I realized what a great hub this site can be for wedding stuff.

I’m sure many of you would like to make your own wedding favors or cake toppers, and if you have the time and the talent, go for it! For others, it’s not always easy to squeeze a hot glue gun into the schedule. So, before you employ your mom or bridesmaids on putting together little projects, check out Etsy and see what other creative folks have to offer. Here are some of my favorites by their seller name:

Perfect for the outfitting the groom and his guys, this purveyor of custom neckties, bow ties and bridal accessories offers a wide range of fashionable damask, polka dots, stripes, solids and more. “Classic style with a modern twist so everyone can journey in style.”

Here’s the icing on the cake. Just Toppers provides personal and unique selection of custom cake toppers, including monograms and other popular wedding themes.

A wedding gown and bridesmaid dress designer who specializes in “custom design reproduction” with quality fabrics and materials, like chiffon, taffeta and organza depending on the style of the dress.

Does wedding invitation calligraphy and makes beautiful hand drawn wedding invitation maps to order.

Creator of unique and visually interesting wedding announcements, invitations, place cards and more.

Jewelry designer making one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces with crocheted elements, gemstones and sterling and gold-filled finding.

Offers an assortment of veils, headbands, flowers and other hair accessories.

Fabulous custom garters so cool you might not want your groom to toss.

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