Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Five Mistakes to Avoid On Your Big Day

We recently asked Wedding Planning Pro Lora Ward from A Day To Remember Wedding and Event Planners to be a guest blogger on our site and to share some of her knowledge with our brides.

She recently blogged for us about Five Mistakes to Avoid During the Wedding Planning Process.

For this entry, she shares tips to make your special day even more spectacular:

1. Keep to the schedule – being unorganized will cause stress and delays. I say this all the time… “There is never enough time on wedding day.” Start early in the day, be organized, have all your personal items together, i.e. jewelry, shoes, garter, emergency kit, wedding purse packed, marriage license, rings. Make a list, fill a box or bag. Tell your maid of honor (MOH) or mom all that is in the bag so that somebody knows, and you don’t have to be interrupted when something is needed.

2. Photography hogs – again…back to the schedule. Guests who have to wait and wait and wait, until the reception starts with the bride and groom due to the picture session, is the most irritating aspect of a wedding. I hear it all the time. Talk to your photographer in advance to request that he/she take no more than 45 minutes for post wedding photos. Strongly request that all family members included in these pictures remain close by after the ceremony. Let your bridal party members know what’s going on, so they don’t wander off. After the photos, you’ll more than likely need to take a restroom break or time to freshen up a bit. A cocktail “hour” should be just that… no more than an hour.

3. Who’s responsible at the end of the night? – In advance, figure out who will be responsible (and sober) to hand-carry all the wedding gifts out to the car (you’ll need more than one car). Who will be responsible for the gift cards (very important!) Who will find and collect the personal items, such as the toasting goblets, cake knife/lifter, guest book, your veil that you left somewhere, extra wedding cake (and the list can go on and on). If you provided the alcohol, who will connect with the caterer to collect the unopened bottles or cases of wine. You’ll need a separate car for the alcohol, perhaps.

4. Neglecting to thank your guests – these people have travelled, given up hours, purchased a gift and want to witness and celebrate your nuptials. Take the time to acknowledge your guests (as well as your parents and bridal party members) by giving a brief speech after your Grand Entrance. Either the bride or groom can muster the nerve to make a public statement, such as “Thank you for coming; it means a lot to us that all our closest friends and family are here today.” Then, do your best to work the room by visiting tables (try to stay together), and enjoy the dance floor with your guests, too.

5. Losing sight of the importance to the day – yes, it’s a very exciting day, you have lots of things to get done beforehand, and the event is a non-stop whirlwind, but take a moment (if not two!) and look into your sweetie’s eyes. Slip away to hold onto each other, take a breath, and acknowledge each other and your newly married status. This is a beautiful day…not a “show,” but the beginning of your married life together.

About A Day To Remember Wedding and Event Planners:
A Day to Remember Wedding and Event Planners believes planning the wedding of your dreams should be just like falling in love… joyful and effortless!

Your wedding will have a myriad of details that a professional consultant and wedding planner will have the experience to deal with, and the knowledge to implement. A Day to Remember Wedding and Event Planners listen to your wishes and concerns, offering guidance and providing peace of mind.

Based in Sacramento, California, A Day to Remember Wedding and Event Planners have 25 years experience coordinating and planning special events in the Northern California area, including the Greater Sacramento area, Napa Valley, Sierra Foothills/Gold Country and Lake Tahoe and are available for travel to your destination. They are here to help you plan and coordinate a worry-free wedding that will be memorable, exciting, unique and romantic.

Be sure to check out A Day to Remember Wedding and Event Planners' Web site: www.adaytorememberca.com/ and Lora's blog: www.adaytorememberca.com/blog

Photo above of Jessica & Steven Luttrell (by Lily Rose Photography), one of our featured real weddings in the current issue of Real Weddings Magazine. Lora Ward from A Day to Remember Wedding and Event Planners worked with Jessica & Steven to achieve their perfect day. To read more about Jessica & Steven's wedding and to view more photos from their wedding, pick up a copy of the current issue or click here.

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