Monday, August 17, 2009

59 Strangers and a Proposal

I’ve heard of some crazy proposals, but never one that required the perfect cooperation of 59 strangers. 
Jake Bronstein made a new world record when he started a whisper chain that successfully passed through a room of 59 strangers and ended with his girlfriend Kristina Hodge. 
The exact message was, “Kristina, will you marry me?” 
Perhaps it was key that the whisper chain proposal took place at a World Record Appreciation Society event in New York. I have a feeling the result would not have been the same in a crowded bar. But all the same, still quite a feat. 
Watch the video to see the crowd’s reaction as they heard the message and Hodge’s shocked reaction at the end when she received the proposal on stage.

Blog post by Chloe Daley, Style Intern.

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The Memory Journalists said...

This video is so cool! A very original proposal for sure. I loved the reaction. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!