Monday, June 15, 2009

Photo Booths Rock!

I am seeing more and more couples renting photo booths, and I have to admit that I love this trend. Every couple that I've run into who had one at their reception just raves about it!

Photo booths remind me of when I was a kid -- there's such a feeling of nostalgia around them for me.

But what's great for couples is the fun and whimsy they can bring to their reception!

At the recent Delta King show, I got to see my friend John (owner of Profinish Design Photo Booths), and you should have seen all the brides and guests flocking to his space because they wanted to try on the array of fun and funky hats that John brings for guests to play with in the photo booth!

Frankly, I want to have a party just so that I can bring in a photo booth!

If you're interested in getting a photo booth, check out:

Profinish Designs Photo Booths:

Picture Perfect Photo Booth Rental:

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